Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Elf on the Shelf

So I was initially skeptical of this whole Elf-on-the-Shelf thing.  I mean it sounded just a bit too creepy that an elf would hang out in our house and fly back to the North Pole every night to report on the niceness or naughtiness of our son, only to reappear in the morning in a new hiding spot to continue his espionage.

But I have to admit, I'm having fun coming up with places to hide him.  And our son is having fun looking for him every morning and is actually concerned with how his behaviour will be perceived by Dodo (he named the elf "Dodo").

My wife suggested I post pictures of each day's hiding spot on my photo blog.  So I'll add each day's photo to this post.

Day 1:  Appearing for the first time above our son's TV (Yes we have a TV in our toddler's bedroom... don't judge us)

Day 2: On the mantle peeking out from behind Kermit

Day 3:  Hanging out above the breakfast table

Day 4:  Hiding in the pantry (can he breathe in there?)
Day 5:  Lookin' dainty sitting in our saucepan (better wash that when he moves on)

Day 6:  Good thing that's just an IKEA microwave.
Day 7:  Watching my kid sleep from behind the blinds.  Okay... you're getting creepy.
Day 8:  Dammit elf, get out of my booze!
Day 9:  Born to be mild
Day 10:  This is a little song I wrote... It's called "Livin' on the Pole"

Day 11:  Our son was not pleased
Day 12:  Whatcha makin'?

Day 13:  Elves are all about fire safety
Day 14:  Takin' a nap in the tissues.
Day 15:  He'll be taking a cab to the North Pole tonight
Day 16:  I'm starting to get uncomfortable with this.
Day 17:  This elf really knows his audience.
Day 18:  As you can pretty much guess, we called this one in.
Day 19:  Your move, Grover.
Day 20:  Staying in the lines.
Day 21:  Bag is packed.  Time to head back to the North Pole for my final report to Santa.  See you next year.

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